Zenith Self Mastery Subscriber Information

When you subscribe, we’ll send you information about a vast range of personal development and self-improvement information which we collectively call SELF MASTERY.

Our aim is to empower you. And the only way we can do this is to stay in regular contact with you. We do this principally via email.

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The information below is vital for you to know if you wish to remain subscribed or in the event that you want to unsubscribe. It is your choice. But we are supplying this so you make an informed choice.

We have separated this information into the following seven easy sections so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

If you’re one of our many subscribers, there’s a question in your mind and it is a question you should ask yourself about EVERY site you subscribe to:

“Do I want to stay subscribed or do I want to UNsubscribe?”

These notes are to assist you to understand a few things about being an ongoing member of Zenith Self Mastery. Yes, when you subscribe to our emails, we consider you a member. It is your choice to remain a member or to leave.

And you can leave at ANY time.

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1.0 – Benefits of Being a ZSM Subscriber/member:

  • You get access to a wide range of products – many are completely free, some are paid products,
  • You can be assured that we will ONLY promote the very best offers to you (we do NOT look for some crappy junk to sell just to make a few lousy bucks). Such products will almost exclusively be created by us anyway,
  • We stand behind our UNIQUE brand. ANY time you see the ZSM brand you will know that we have created something VERY special and very targeted to help you (you will see our brand logo used on this page to separate the various topics). In this regard we create EVERYTHING from our own extensive research and experience,
  • We NEVER use or promote PLR (Private Label Rights) material. EVER! We believe PLR ‘products’ are inferior in so many ways as to render most of them completely useless. They are too poorly designed, are generic and, in most instances, are simply pages of nonsense peddled all over the internet,
  • ALL our material uses graphics and artwork uniquely designed by in-house artists and is branded accordingly,
  • We are constantly creating new material and updating previously released material to reflect any changes we may become aware of if anything changes,
  • We NEVER share or sell subscriber information,
  • If you have any queries or comments or complaints about anything you can always email us. We will answer every email we see and we will attempt to do it promptly.

KNOW THIS: Above all else we have your very best interests at heart at all times and we never want our integrity to come under question.

We think that is an impressive list of reasons for you to stay with us – even if it’s just to take advantage of all the free information we provide.

Obviously, we have expenses. Hence, please understand that among all the free material, we will promote a selection of our paid products. But there will always be a huge range of free material for you to benefit from. You choose what you want and ignore what you don’t want.

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2.0 – Reasons You Might Unsubscribe from a Mailing List:

There are many reasons why you might want to unsubscribe from mailing lists.
Here are a few:

The information isn’t relevant to you anymore because you have changed direction or you have simply given up or lost your way,

You believe you NEVER subscribed in the first place and you feel aggrieved you’re getting emails (we use the double opt-in method to ensure that this is not an issue),

  • You feel overwhelmed by emails coming from every direction and need to cut down,
  • Our business doesn’t ‘gel’ with you, or you just don’t like what is offered,
  • You think you’re being scammed; perhaps you forgot you subscribed in the first place,
  • Someone may have told you that people who send emails aren’t trustworthy,
  • You only want free stuff and always unsubscribe after you get it (some people do),
  • You’re having a bad day and one more email is just one too many!
  • Life sucks and you are just massively fed-up with everyone and every thing!
  • There are a HOST of other reasons people give for unsubscribing.

Here are a couple of really silly ones:

    [Really? This is so daft. And we get it often. Just read what you want, when you want and ignore the rest. You don’t HAVE to read everything all the time!]
  • “Can’t be bothered anymore.”
    [We get that ‘reason’ a fair bit too. If you can’t be bothered, then neither can we. There are far too many people who CAN be ‘bothered’ and who want to succeed.]

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3.0 – Our Subscribe-Unsubscribe Policy:

At Zenith Self Mastery, we’d love you to remain a subscriber-member but if you don’t want to stay we are not going to try to convince you otherwise. Here is our take on unsubscribing:

We encourage it!

Yes, we know that sounds really weird but …

We do NOT want to send information and/or offers of help to people who don’t want what we offer. It’s quite simple really. We cannot help anyone who does not want to help themselves. Nor do we want to.

We go to great lengths to create the very best products that we can. We spend a LOT of time every month doing just that – especially with our excellence magazine.
But you may not like our solutions, our colors, our wording, or our positivity.

That’s just reality.

Additionally, emailing you costs us money. So we sure don’t want to email you if that isn’t helping you achieve your goals. Or you simply don’t see value in what we provide.

We’d rather email people who we can help and who WANT our help.
You probably know this already: it is time-wasting trying to convince people to do anything in life they don’t want to do.

We’ve helped many people and we have their grateful letters to show it.

However, if you are somebody who doesn’t think we can help you succeed faster and go further, please unsubscribe.

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4.0 – What happens if you unsubscribe:

You may not realize it, but … due to the system we use right now, if you unsubscribe from ONE of our lists, then you’ll be unsubscribed from ALL of our lists!

This means if you are on several of our subscriber lists, you can’t stay on one list and leave all the others.

Unsubscribing from one list will AUTOMATICALLY remove you from everything. That’s just the way it is.

You will never hear from us again. We won’t bother you.

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5.0 – Some really nasty stuff we have to put up with:

This is quite sad but some people simply can’t help themselves. We have been abused and called every name possible simply for trying to help people. Let’s not get the violins out but, seriously, there really isn’t anything that we haven’t been called or accused (falsely) of.

There are all types of people in this world. We hear from some pretty nasty ones, too. This is a ‘choice’ comment we get often, from people who are angry or rude – well … angry AND rude:

There’s no shock value in words like that anymore. Sending rubbish like this simply hurts the sender more than it hurts us. Why? Because it is entrenching a mindset of mistrust, abuse and vindictiveness. What you give, you get.

We’re sorry even to put that here but you really need to know the ungratefulness and animosity that we have to put up with at times. It doesn’t even dent us anymore. It’s just lame and a confirmation of what we call ‘loser mentality.’

We really don’t want to supply anything to people like that. They never appreciate it anyway and they are far better OFF our subscriber base because all they ever do is bring anger and complaints.

There is NO NEED at all to make rude and abusive and angry comments to people who are only trying to help others. Not with us. Not anywhere. It is a sign of childish immaturity.

Incidentally, we have been known to unsubscribe people from our database ourselves. And we block them in a variety of ways to ensure they cannot re-subscribe.

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6.0 – Some of our challenges in getting information to you:

Obviously, like most businesses that operate online, we use an autoresponder [automatic email-sending software] to initiate all our promotional and informational emails.

This saves time, but brings problems.

EVERY autoresponder service has its short-comings and difficulties. On the one hand, the suppliers love to take your money for the ‘service’ they provide. On the other hand, they do not make things particularly easy.

Here’s what can and DOES happen:

  • Not every email gets through. Sometimes, it takes half a dozen messages about a particular subject or opportunity or new book before everybody on a list has evenseen the announcement once. Thus, we often have to send the same thing six or more times during the period we want to announce it. You don’t like getting multiple emails on the same subject? You could just ignore them until we start with something else. That is VERY easy to do. We do it ourselves.
  • Often, the ‘confirmation’ email misfires, or isn’t received. (When you join our subscriber base, your very first email needs answering – that is, you must click on the link – so that your address is ‘confirmed’.) What happens if you don’t get this, or it lands in a spam folder which you don’t check? You’ll probably say – as many do – “I subscribed but I didn’t get the XYZ!”

NOTE: We will always send whatever it was you wanted. All you have to do is wait a short while, search in your email for it (especially the spam folder), and IF you definitely believe you didn’t get it, then just tell us. There is no need to send in complaints to our autoresponder service. There is no need to get aggressive or abusive, or to send sarcastic or confrontational comments.

  • Sometimes YOUR email service blocks our emails. Email providers think they are doing you a great favor by blocking spam. But these blockers aren’t very good at detecting real spam and misclassify a LOT of wanted email. Isn’t it strange that real spam always seems to get through? When something ‘doesn’t come’, check your spam folder.
  • You might encounter a ‘timeout’. You might need to clear your inbox before ANY other email can arrive.
  • Sometimes a link gets mangled and it goes to a dead page (ie: a ‘404’ page)

We suspect also that autoresponder services often do what is termed ‘load shedding’, which is the practice of holding back a percentage of sent emails – or not sending them at all – during high volume periods.

To counter this, we send several times to ensure ‘the mail gets through’, so everyone has an opportunity to say yes, no or maybe later, to whatever is being shared.

  • And, sometimes we plain just make mistakes. (Unfortunate, but true).

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7.0 – In summary:

We really do aim to create the best personal development and self-mastery products and training materials for you. We also do our very best to serve people as we’d like to be served ourselves, and to fix any problems that happen.

But we will not deal with aggressive or nasty or vindictive people. In fact, we’ll take your name off our list ourselves and it will be our distinct pleasure to do so.

There are FAR too many genuine, decent people who want a connection with us because they want to learn and/or receive our information and products.
If that describes you, we want to connect with you too.

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So … after all that, you still want to unsubscribe? Great! Just leave in PEACE. There is absolutely NO NEED and no advantage whatsoever to create animosity or fire a parting shot on your way out. This says so much about the people who feel the need to do such a thing. And we are glad to part with their company. We don’t want people like this in our subscriber base anyway.

We hope you now understand the whole ‘subscribing and unsubscribing’ process a lot better.

Thank you for your consideration of these matters. We look forward to serving you!

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Paraphrasing the words of Carl Bard:

Start NOW and create for yourself a bigger and brighter future.

Over twenty years experience in Personal Development and Self Mastery. Look for our logo.

Team ZSM: “Empowering Your Life by Enriching Your Mind.”

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