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We promised you that we would reveal all the options available to you and we will do that in just a moment.

However, there are some important things we want you to know before we do so.

Here is What You Get:

The Journey, Life, Destiny (JLD) self-improvement home study course contains:

tick-box-red50 separate tutorials, each of which is approximately 20 pages in length. The lessons are in the form of university style tutorials. The course promotes 50 days of transformation (from the ‘old’ you to the ‘new’ more focussed, purposeful, action-taking you).

tick-box-redThe information and accompanying exercises of the JLD home study course are designed to allow you to complete one key tutorial per day for 50 days. Thereby ensuring you are not overloaded and overwhelmed with information whilst creating a habit of consistency   (consistency is important and it is a key component to success).

tick-box-redCore subjects covered are life-choices, feelings, habits, the sub-conscious mind, goal-setting, well-being, ideals, relationships, persistence, skills, time management, attitudes, responsibility, faith, fear, benefits of laughter, daring, luck and many more.

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You Won’t Find Anything Else Like it

Quite simply, there is nothing even remotely similar to this course available anywhere (we know – we have searched extensively).

Here is a more ‘in-depth’ list of some of the many benefits of participating in this remarkable ‘Journey, Life, Destiny’ Personal Development, Self-Mastery home study course:

tick-box-redFor 50 consecutive days (the recommended length of the course), you will be taken through a comprehensive self-analysis in virtually every area of your life. Our ‘Wheel of Revelation’ will give you a complete picture of your ability and the areas you need to strengthen yourself. Self-analysis is the doorway to fulfillment; knowing yourself gives you more energy and purpose.

Participating in your 50 Days of Transformation (50DT) will push you to know yourself. JLD is a structured mechanism to assist you doing your self-analysis in a structured, complete way. You’ll benefit by gaining an increased sense of fulfillment in your life generally.

tick-box-redKnowing your strengths (defined as your principal areas of competence) is necessary if you are to achieve mastery in any part of life.

Doing the 50DT will help you firm up your beliefs about what you do best. JLD encourages and guides you in self-reflective exercises which reveal your strengths. You’ll benefit by gaining an increased sense of confidence in yourself – particularly in the face of criticism by others (Note: You can never escape critics – they are everywhere – but you can build up your armour against them. JLD gives you the armour you need).

tick-box-redRoutines that foster fulfilment are blocks that will build you a pyramid of success in any field.

Doing the 50 DT will help you understand why routines (regularly repeated actions that will turn into normal habits) are so beneficial and how to implement them in your life.

JLD repeats the mantra of routine until you ‘get it.’ You’ll benefit by gaining an increased sense about the importance of routine and how to implement routines that will give you increased fulfillment.

tick-box-redLeaders in every field are identified because they ‘dare to leap.’ Doing the 50 DT will help you build confidence to take bold action where it counts.

JLD is about learning to be daring successfully.

You’ll benefit by gaining a boost in energy through starting more of the tasks that will take you towards your goals.

tick-box-redA focus on ‘positive’ things is often recommended, yet seldom taught in any detail.

Doing the 50 DT will expose you to an environment of positive thinking from the experience and wisdom of hundreds of world achievers and leaders in their fields of expertise.

JLD encourages you to think of yourself positively and to focus on the good in your interactions with others.

You’ll benefit by increasing your feeling that ‘things are going to turn out well’ – which will inevitably mean you’ll take the actions necessary to ensure they do!

tick-box-redAssessing your past successes brings increased belief in your abilities, yet it’s something very few people do.

Doing the 50DT will focus your attention on ‘what you’ve done well,’ however small.

JLD emphasizes your ‘journey’ – it’s about realizing the benefit each small win brings to your life.

This will help you understand the size of what is possible in your life.

tick-box-redWinners and leaders read widely, both within their fields and outside them.

Doing the 50 DT will encourage you to read regularly, through a structured, guided program; you’ll gain insight from many revered minds.

JLD shows how ‘no man is an island.’ You will gain advantages that those who don’t read will never get.

You will benefit by gaining an increased sense of worth and possibility – both invaluable.

tick-box-redThe benefit of journaling is well known and recommended by many.

Doing the 50 DT will help you develop a ‘recording bug.’

JLD illustrates the benefits of holding yourself accountable for your own progress. You will become more disciplined.

You’ll benefit by seeing how far you can travel in just 50 days, which will boost your motivation and confidence for the rest of your life.

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Here’s How to Access Your Very Own
Journey, Life, Destiny Home Study Course:

We want everybody who desires to better their future to benefit from this powerful self mastery, self-help, home study course.

So, with that in mind, we have created a number of different options that will suit everybody’s budget.

Here are your options:



A fully printed version of all 50 tutorials, housed in 4 binders with covers front and rear, delivered directly to your nominated address, inclusive of first-class air postage, insurance and handling.

This option also comes with an accompanying 50 online Power Point Presentations (PPP) that are delivered electronically to your email address. The PPP’s are additional to the physical product and enhance your understanding of each tutorial.




Electronic delivery of all 50 tutorials in PDF format to your nominated email address.

This option also comes with an accompanying series of 50 online Power Point Presentations (PPP) that are also delivered electronically to your email address. The PPP’s are additional to the physical product and enhance your understanding of each tutorial.




Electronic delivery of all 50 tutorials in PDF format to your nominated email address.
[Note: No PPP’s in this option.]


Our Guarantee:

There is a 30 day guarantee. If the JLD home study course is not all that we have represented here or you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we simply ask that you inform us why – so we can improve our product for others.

In the event that a physical product is delivered, we request that the full product is returned (free from damage) before your refund is issued.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure your course is delivered as expediently as possible, in all three options you will be taken to a SPECIAL PAGE on our website where all our contact details will be available to you – email and Skype addresses. It is from this page that you may contact us and we will prepare your course for you and send it to either your physical address (in the case of option 1) or your chosen email address (in the case of options 2 and 3).

Your Protection:

Your investment is protected by Paypal’s refund policy so there is no risk to you. In fact, we take all the risk because some unscrupulous people will take advantage of the Paypal refund policy and we lose out. (Note: serial refunders are noted by Paypal).

We trust that you won’t do this to us because we have put our hearts and souls into this product and it has been designed specifically to help you improve your life – not only now but for the rest of your life.

We want to IMPROVE the world by improving the lives of the people in it, one at a time. That is OUR goal!

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Do this today because your future self will thank you. Don’t delay. ACT NOW!

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