“Isn’t it Time You Started Mastering
Your Most Valuable and Profitable Skill, Dramatically Improving Your Earning Power and Attracting All the Success and
Abundance You’ve Always Wanted
Into Your Life?”


If you answered yes then you are in the right place. Because it is here that you will find the answers you’ve always wanted yet never been able (until now) to find.

Why are you reading this? Because…

You were born to ACHIEVE!

You are here because you have greatness within you.

You are not here at this time to be restricted, controlled, depressed, subjugated, dominated, crushed or ANY of those things that ‘normal’ life wants to keep throwing at you.

You were destined to flourish and achieve.

Gary on paperHello. My name is Gary Simpson and my team and I at Zenith Self Mastery International would like to ask you a few questions.

Are you making significant progress in your life? Do you feel satisfied?

Or, like most, are you frustrated because you are hungry for success and it just isn’t happening for you?

Do you have a ‘life-plan’ to get you to where you want to be? Because, if you don’t, the life you are living now is pretty much what you will end up with until the day you die.

In the back of your mind you know I am speaking the truth, don’t you? Because you have been living it every day right up until now.

So… are you satisfied with what you have right now? Because, sadly, unless you are prepared to think differently and change some of your ways, you are already saddled and your race is virtually run.

You will probably agree that you need to ‘change up.’

If you don’t want to make some changes and improvements then all that will happen is that you will get older and more set in your ways. And life will drone on – more of the same. Year after dreary year. Decade after decade. Until one day you ask yourself:

“Where has my life gone?”

What has been your experience over the last five years? How about ten? Is it the same as it was back then? This is because all you do is repeat the same things.

You need to try a different approach.

You need to develop a possibility mindset.

Somebody with a much higher IQ than mine said that many years ago.

Einstein was one of the greatest geniuses of all time.

Look at what Einstein said:


If it’s good enough for a genius like Einstein to believe then it’s good enough for us… and you. Right?

You need to ask yourself ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions.

And STOP listening to all the ‘over-qualified, under-achievers’ out there – friends, relations (including the ‘all-knowing’ brother-in-law) and other aquaintances.

Seek out and start taking advice from successful people.

Here is a question about an all too familiar situation:

Why is it that two people of similar background, schooling and upbringing can have such vastly different outcomes with respect to success, fulfillment, wealth and happiness?

One will be poor or mediocre and the other rich. And by rich we don’t necessarily mean monetarily. But if you are going to live your life anyway, it’s far easier being wealthy than it is being poor. Wouldn’t you agree?

But why not have it all? Richness and wealth. You can – IF you want!

Here is another question for you…

Do you know people who are no more intelligent than you, no better looking than you, no better educated than you and yet they have a better home than you do, drive a better car than you do, have a better, more highly-paid job than you do, have more friends than you and well… just have greater all-round success than you? Why is that? Have you figured it out yet?

In fact, we can almost guarantee that there will be somebody in your circle of acquaintances – and you may even be thinking of this person right now – who fits that description to a tee.

You probably already have a name in your mind, don’t you?

How do they do it?

What do they know that you haven’t grasped yet?

It’s not luck, by the way, though there is an element of luck in most things.

Have you ever heard the often quoted saying:

“The harder I work, the luckier I get?”

That saying is not entirely true because you have to also work smart.

Working smart is all about using the wisdom and experience of other people. In other words, having a mentor or mentors.

All successful people have a mentor or a coach or a guide.

With what we are about to offer you, you will benefit from the knowledge, wisdom and experience of hundreds of the world’s greatest achievers because we have taken their teachings and turned them into a powerful course.


JLD 50DT Tutorial display 2016

Journey, Life, Destiny (JLD) is a UNIQUE self mastery, personal development and self-improvement home study course that will help you to become the successful person you’ve always wanted to be.

Just look at some of the many benefits you will receive. You will be able to:

tick-box-red control—then virtually eliminate—all those awful, nagging feelings of self-doubt,

 tick-box-redhave a far more positive outlook on your life and where you are heading, 

tick-box-redset and achieve crystallized short, medium and long-term goals for yourself,

 tick-box-redbe a happier and more contented person knowing that your life finally has direction and meaning, 

tick-box-redbe far more receptive to opportunities and, even better, know precisely when to take advantage of them,

 tick-box-redunderstand other people better – and know how to get their co-operation. Make no mistake here – this is a KEY component to success,

 tick-box-redbe more capable of making important decisions, make them quickly and get them correct for what you are trying to achieve,

  tick-box-redhave far greater interpersonal skills (which will help you in all areas of your life),

 tick-box-redhave more meaningful relationships with the people you care about,

  tick-box-redrecognize your strengths and have a definite plan to work on your weaknesses – we all have weaknesses. This course will help you to confront and overcome them,

 tick-box-reddramatically improve your imagination and become more creative (for example, have you ever wanted to write a book? Draw? Paint? Yes? Then WHY haven’t you?),

  tick-box-redachieve greater inner-strength, determination and willpower, 

 tick-box-redunderstand how your sub-conscious mind works more importantly, how you can take advantage of it by ‘programming’ yourself for success,

  tick-box-redimprove your discipline, responsibility, attitude, persistence & many other qualities, 

 tick-box-redmanage your time so much better to achieve more than you previously ever have before (time management is a critical component to success because all achievers know how to manage their time efficiently),

  tick-box-redunderstand the true benefits of laughter, leisure and relaxation, 

 tick-box-redimmediately recognize negative input and trash it (negative input is bombarding you every day from almost every direction – you need to know how to reduce or eliminate its cancerous subliminal effect on you),

  tick-box-redhave a better overall meaning of your life and where you are going (most people plan a holiday far better than their life. It’s true. Think about that for a moment. Do you have a ‘life plan’? Do you plan your vacations?), 

 tick-box-redbe imminently more capable of becoming happier, wealthier and healthier (seriously, you DO want this, don’t you?),

 tick-box-redWhat about being able to laugh off and dismiss the criticisms of your biggest doubters? (Like everyone you have critics who always try to pull you down, don’t you?)

  tick-box-redknow where you can go to find more detailed information about specific areas of personal development and self-help…

 tick-box-redPlus much, much more!


This course contains the combined wisdom of HUNDREDS of the very best self-help books of all time – people like Shad Helmstetter, Peter Daniels, Napoleon Hill, Florence Littauer, Scott Alexander, Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, Viktor Frankl, Robert Schuller, George Clason, Og Mandino, Maxwell Maltz – to name just a handful…

We also quote and build on the knowledge of so many of the world’s high achievers, sages, seers, famous people throughout history and geniuses – people like Professor Stephen Hawking, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Plato, Judy Garland, Michelangelo, Anita Roddick, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford, Maya Angelou, Marie Curie, Louise Hay, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Erica Jong, Helen Keller, Jack Canfield, Mother Teresa, Katharine Hepburn – and far too many others to list here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This exclusive Personal Development and Self Help Home Study Course is truly UNIQUE in that it has a different positive outcome for each and every individual who participates. So your outcome will be 100% correct for you.

It will guide you along a carefully constructed pathway that will reveal all aspects of your life. And it will do so in a manner that will cause you to think and realize exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are.

We promise you that this will be the greatest and most valuable project you have ever undertaken for yourself.

It is totally focused on YOU!

You WILL reach life-changing conclusions.

Never again will you be uncertain about the direction of your future or what you should be doing to achieve success.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a better person? More successful? Healthier? Happier? Wealthier? Of course you have!

Most people want ALL those things. But the difference between you and most others is that you are prepared to do something about it…

How do we know that?

Simple. You are still here. The wannabes who will never be or those who are negative or dismissive have already left.

But you are seeking more from life…

You have desires or unfulfilled dreams. More importantly, are you now prepared to go one step further and turn that dream into a reality? It all starts with YOU.

You have to make that conscious choice.

This course will give you the vehicle to do that.

Now, if you want to fail or just keep plodding along, year after year, then that’s fine – IF that is what you want to keep doing. Millions of people are on that treadmill.

But let me give you a startling statistic…

The population of the world is 7.4 billion. Yes, it’s a mind-boggling number. The population growth (births less deaths) is estimated at over 150,000 per day. [source: worldometers.info]

All these people are competing for finite resources. But, worse than that, they are competing against each other.

Competition is fierce. And as every year passes it gets tougher and tougher. This should tell you something…

What it should tell you is that you need to be the very best version of yourself that you possibly can be. Because if you aren’t prepared to do that, then you will get passed by all those who are prepared to do it.

Here is a five-step sure-fire method for failure:

1 – complain about how bad everything is,
2 – listen to the negativity of the media,
3 – take to heart what critics will tell you,
4 – blame everyone else for your problems,
5 – be ungrateful for what you already have.

However, if you want to be a better, more capable, more successful, healthier and wealthier person then click the link below to find out more about the Journey, Life Destiny home study course.

We know this course is not for everybody.

However, if you are really serious about having a bigger, better and brighter future then click the link below to discover the specifications of the course and all the current variables and options that are available for you to get it.

Do this today because your future self will thank you.

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Paraphrasing the words of Carl Bard:

Start NOW and create for yourself a bigger and brighter future.

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