Why Not Create The Future You Want?

The answer is between your ears

212-Chuck-Norris-FBFor a long time now, advice to ‘use your imagination’ has been offered to anyone wanting to get ahead in life.

For example, the Self Help book As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen, was first published over a century ago, in 1902.

He wasn’t the first to address such issues, and many later authors continued the message. 

Think and Grow Rich is perhaps the most well-known.
Today, it is so easy to publish that anyone who wants to can put out a book. Consequently, there is a HEAP of personal development resources.

You need to decide which resources will help you.

Many of the authors offer similar advice, too.


Utilise the power of your creative mind to design your future

It is a matter of focus. You’ll always focus on the outcomes that matter most. Therefore, those are the ones you’re more likely to see. When you quietly contemplate your circumstances and desired outcomes, your subconscious often provides ideas.

Chuck Norris said it plainly:

You’ve got to see what it is you want to achieve before you can pursue it.”

What have you been thinking about most in the hours you are awake each day?
How could you change your circumstances by changing your focus?


Here’s how to get good results from creative thinking, in three parts:

  1. Use a notebook.

    The mind imagines well, but remembers in patches. You don’t want to lose a good idea, so jot them down. Whether it’s a new piece of plot for a story you’re writing, or a idea for improving a work flow, you’ll want the whole thought there when you come to review it.

  2. Be still.

    Allow yourself time and space away from the problems of your present, or your mind will remain concentrated on them, and will not be free to develop new insight.
    Meditation is practised by many; a period of stillness allows thoughts to grow.

  3. Dare to believe that you ‘can’.

    When you develop the ability to believe in your ability to develop or discover solutions, your belief will ignite your subconscious.
    If you dismiss the constraints of money, time and expertise, what could you make happen?
    What could you do if things all went ‘your way’? What action would help that along?

Active Thinking Creates Possibilities

What results have you had when you gave your mind free reign?
Do you take time to do this often?

Aim for Mastery!


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