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This is the manual for creating professional eBooks.

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Here at Zenith Self Mastery, we’ve got loads of eBook experience.

Both Gary and Anthony are published authors. We’ve written both fiction and non fiction.

We know what works, and how to explain it simply and clearly.

We’ve got a lot to share about writing eBooks that people want to read.


Here’s the formula for a ‘Perfect’ eBook:

This manual lays out ALL the steps.

You’ll learn how to give your writing ‘perfect storm’ impact.

A perfect storm happens when several key weather patterns occur simultaneously, magnifying their effect. Perfect Storms have HUGE impact and get talked about for years.

Here’s how you can write books that have that kind of impact:

Author Gary Simpson has laid out the winning formula.

Simply follow this proven formula. You’ll create a book that will deliver your message in a compelling way.

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