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We hope and expect you will enjoy our website.
But first, please read the terms and conditions for using it:
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1.1 – In using the Zenith Self Mastery (hereinafter referred to as ZSM) website you acknowledge that nothing on the ZSM website constitutes any professional financial, legal or investment advice WHATSOEVER or any other ‘professional advice’ of any nature other than the advice shown herein on this page.

1.2 – The owners and or officers of the ZSM website will NOT be held responsible for ANY action or non-action whatsoever taken or not taken by you or your colleagues concerning taking notice of ANY material offered on any of the pages of the ZSM website.

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2.1 – ZSM is the sole copyright owner of all information and material appearing on the ZSM website. As such, all rights are reserved.

2.2 – You are NOT allowed to copy ANY information found at this website other than what is offered under licence for your sole personal use.

2.3 – In using the ZSM website, you acknowledge that all free and paid information belongs exclusively to ZSM.
You are NOT allowed to:
(a) sell, on-sell or rent out ANY of ZSM’s proprietary information except if you hold a licence to do so,
(b) offer free, by ANY means, ANY of ZSM’s proprietary information on ANY platform. This includes ‘displaying’ said information,
(c) republish in ANY form ANY of ZSM’s proprietary information on ANY platform or under any circumstance,
(d) exploit ANY of ZSM’s proprietary information by ANY means either for profit or non-profit.

2.4 – If you are in doubt about ANY of the foregoing, ask BEFORE you act.

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ZSM reserves its right to offer restricted information that is unavailable to free users.

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The ZSM website is offered ‘as is.’ The site may be updated as many times as its directors deem necessary, or its information may be modified or removed at the sole discretion of the directors. No warranty is offered as to the continuance or uniformity of the site.

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All visitors and users of the ZSM website acknowledge that ANY links offered may lead to recommended pages or third-party sites where any sale may effect a commission or benefit to ZSM.

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6.1 – ZSM is NOT liable or obligated for anything to its visitors or users, whether free or paid. All visitors and users acknowledge that they operate of their own free will and under their own risk.

6.2 – All visitors and or users must perform their own ‘due-diligence’ as to the appropriateness  and/or suitability of the information provided.

6.3 – By using the ZSM website, you agree that you will NOT bring ANY claim against the ZSM site or its directors for ANY loss or disadvantage you may experience.

6.4 – If you do not agree with the above three clauses (6.1 – 6.3) or any of the other terms and conditions found on this page then you should not use the site or rely on anything found at the site and you should leave immediately.

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7.1 – All users of the ZSM site agree that any breach or abuse of the terms and conditions outlined on this page will subject the breacher and/or abuser to remedial or punitive action.

7.2 – You acknowledge that ZSM has the right to litigate against, suspend or block ANY person or organisation at ANY time for violations against the terms and conditions of the ZSM website outlined herein.

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8.1 – ZSM reserves its right to update or change these terms and conditions at ANY time and any changes shall be binding upon visitors and users from the date that such changes are made.

8.2 – It is advisable to check the current terms and conditions of use if you are in ANY doubt about your rights and obligations concerning what is permitted and what is not permitted.

8.3 – The terms and conditions on this page were last updated on 24 May 2016.

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9.1 – ZSM may collect the following information about you while you are using its website:

  • – Your activity whilst on the site by way of cookies,
  • – Any information rendered by you, (including but not limited to) your:
    Name or Handle,
    Email address,
    IP address.

9.2 – Such information can be used by ZSM to:

  •  administer the website,
  •  enable you to access restricted areas and or information,
  •  send you emails,
  •  send you marketing information,
  • send you products and/or services,
  • send you recommendations,
  • send you invoices for products ordered,
  • collect payments from you
  • any other usual reasonable event to enable us to deal with you.

9.3 – ZSM will take all reasonable precautions to preserve your confidential information but will NOT be held responsible or liable for cyber-attacks or hostile breaches of its security or encrypted data.

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10.1 – In conjunction with International Property Rights (see Item 2.0 above), you acknowledge that ZSM holds copyright on all its proprietary information and materials. This includes any textual, visual and graphic material transmitted via all media.

10.2 – ZSM does NOT grant ANY transfer of ownership of ANY of its proprietary copyright protection (at law under the Berne convention) under ANY circumstance. This includes but is not limited to ANY material you may have paid for.

10.3 – ZSM will NOT tolerate ANY reproduction or republishing of its copyright material under ANY circumstance. All rights are reserved.

10.4 – Be it known that ZSM will use copyscape and other copyright and plagiarism software to detect breaches of its copyrighted material.

10.5 – The only circumstance that you may use ZSM copyrighted material is if you ask permission to do so and are granted that right, in writing. If you do not obtain such permission or have ANY doubts whatsoever about such rights then you should NOT republish or display ANY ZSM material in ANY form whatsoever. This INCLUDES the information shown on this ‘terms and conditions’ page which has been prepared exclusively for ZSM.

10.6 – Conversely, if you believe that ZSM has breached or violated any of your copyrighted materials you can make such claim by emailing: detailing your concerns.

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ZSM expends great time and energy creating its exclusive products and will vigorously pursue its rights against copyright and plagiarism offenders.

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Any inadmissibility or dismissal of ANY part of these terms and conditions does not render any of the other parts invalid.

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