Your First Step to Making a Million is Making a Hundred.

Finally! The step by step knowledge you’ve always wanted:

Here’s How You Do It!

Your ‘How to Make Money Online’ Questions Are Answered!

ZSM Hundredaire ManualFinally, you can get definitive guide on how to make money online.

Right here:

Has making money online eluded YOU in the past?

You aren’t alone.
Those in the know (the so-called ‘goo-roos’) have made it FAR too complicated.


But right now, that STOPS!

Here it is:

How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE!

Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief. HUNDREDAIRE is a ‘newbies’ delight!

It’s a ‘newbie-friendly’, easy-to-understand, ‘join-the-dots,’ step-by-step guide to making money online.

EVERY successful online marketer uses these techniques to get started.

This is a meaty manual, with 103 pages that takes you through the core process from start to finish.

There are NO distractions, NO gaps, NO stones unturned and NO basic elements left out or obscured. There is no fluff and no padding.

This is what you have always wanted, isn’t it?

HUNDREDAIRE is a step by step Fully Detailed Procedures Manual about How to Earn Money Online

Are you one of those who haven’t even made a measly hundred bucks online?

Sadly, 97.5% of all who try will fail.

Don’t fail any more. I hope you change your path.

I hope to hear about your SUCCESS! I recommend you start TODAY!

Already convinced?

Then Click that Add to Cart button to see your options. Go for it!

There is a saying:

GIVE a person a fish and you feed them for a day.
Teach the person HOW to fish and you feed them for life.

I want you to learn HOW. It’s precisely what this manual is all about.

Just imagine…once you make that first $100.00, you’ll be able to repeat the process again and again.

Sure you can! It’s obvious. Just like learning how to fish. A no brainer!

This is what you’ll learn to earn, first up:

A measly, piffling, meagre, pathetic, wretched, paltry hundred bucks!

Hundred Dollar Note

HUNDREDAIRE will take you by the hand and show you simple – but absolutely crucial – steps you must take to earn your first hundred bucks of income online.

Just follow along and do what the manual tells you to do.

Are You Frustrated by Ridiculous Income Claims?

We get stupid emails, too. Here’s a sample:

In fact, the ones shown above were taken from our deleted box on the days shown. And there were stacks of others. We just selected four of the silliest.

Do you believe these claims? We don’t!

These and many others are simply SO RIDICULOUS they are laughable… or ‘CRYABLE’.

You’ll agree that it’s no laughing matter when you are constantly seeing these claims, KNOWING that others definitely ARE making money.

That is frustrating and maddening, isn’t it?

The fact is, these deceitful email writers all claim that their piece of ‘secret wisdom’ is the only key to future riches. But you have to buy that ‘key’, and it’s almost invariably a piece of useless junk.

No wonder so many people get so frustrated and silently scream in their minds:


Well, now you can have something that works. That something is the HUNDREDAIRE system!

Learn to earn. And at your own pace.

We’ve laid it out logically. No BS. Isn’t that what you want?

You will never find a better or cheaper product than this that will show you ALL the steps needed to make money online.

In fact, it will teach you several variations from very low cost to moderate cost.

To see your options, just click here:


If you cannot make your first $100 online after reading, absorbing and APPLYING the information and knowledge in this manual, we recommend you abandon whatever aspirations you have for making money online and just work for someone else.

Be the best employee they have!

OK, that was harsh, wasn’t it? But we have a problem in common: it’s hard to decide who to trust. We often think it’s our biggest problem.

Could this be YOUR biggest problem too? Many newbies who venture into the online world get bombarded with false offers of riches.

Have you ever felt like this?

Head Clamped

WHO can you trust?

And, when you find someone who appears trustworthy, are you prepared to shell out $997 or $1997 or maybe even $9997 to be ‘personally mentored’ in a group with a whole bunch of other people?

Do you have that kind of money to splash out on trust alone?

Some mentors are excellent. But, without experience, how can you tell who knows their stuff and who is simply blowing smoke?

It can be so confusing knowing what you need to do and even more confusing knowing who to trust. We know that. We’ve been there. You can pay THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS learning very basic stuff that you will find right here in this manual.

We think it’s better you get your feet wet first and learn the basics. Anyway, these basics are THE SAME ONES that the so-called ‘gurus’ teach – and each will bring a different slant or emphasis.

Leave your confusion behind!

Would you like to do that? You’ll save thousands of dollars, yet still learn the same things that other people pay HEAPS to learn.


Here is your first goal – the TARGET:

Hundred Dollar Note

That’s it! $100.00. How GREAT will you feel when you make that first hundred from something you did online?

Confused? You need not be. HUNDREDAIRE will keep you on track

We know that there are huge numbers of ‘shiny objects’ out there. Everywhere you look is another offer promising the world, and the pile of information that ‘seems relevant’ will bury you, if you let it.

You have probably felt overwhelmed by all the things you need to learn. Do you?

Well, NOT anymore! We have that covered too. When you choose the MASTERY option, you’ll get an ADDENDUM. This covers a range of interesting and useful information.

But nothing in the ADDENDUM is crucial core knowledge. Keep things simple.

Focus on the HUNDREDAIRE manual first. The ADDENDUM is a BONUS.

ZSM Hundredaire ManualHundredaire Manual Addendum
We have deliberately made BOTH these manuals…
• Easy to understand.
• No prior knowledge required.
• No further crucial information required or omitted.
• Conversational – with a touch of humor.

Both manuals include an extensive list of further resources so you can find more specific information – IF you need it!

Everything you’ll need is included

These manuals lay every KEY process bare. NOTHING is left to guess-work.


However, you may have another item to address. Almost everyone does.

This has nothing to do with the actual step-by-step process of making money on line. Rather, it’s about making sure your own mind doesn’t get in your way.

Do you have the CONFIDENCE to earn money online?

Everyone has doubts, but – together – we’re going to deal with them.

We’re also going to share a short manual on MINDSET with you.

HUndredaire Manual Mindset


Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE(103 pages)
    This is the step-by-step, no holds barred definitive guide to making your first $100 online . (included in both Basic and MASTERY)
  • The ADDENDUM to HUNDREDAIRE(76 pages)
    This is the distraction and ‘next shiny button’ assassin – complete with extensive resource guide for more information – IF you need to drill down a bit deeper on any item (included in MASTERY).
  • How to MASTER the Internet Marketing MINDSET(39 pages)
    This isthe methodology to help you BELIEVE that you, too, can make money online (included in MASTERY).

Best Wishes, as you travel towards excellence!


Team ZSMEmpowering Your Life by Enriching Your Mind.

PS: EVERY online marketer uses these basic techniques – despite what they may tell you. EVERYTHING you need to know to get started has been included here in this definitive product set.

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Praise for the HUNDREDAIRE System

When the ‘How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE’ was first released back in 2010, it was only 53 pages long.

It has now been expanded to add greater understanding and clarity.
Another 50 pages of snapshots and explanation has been added to make it even more explicit.

Also, back then there was no ADDENDUM. And there was no MINDSET manual.

Back then, here is what all these people had to say about it:

From Sue McDonald

I asked for a review copy of this book from Gary and he graciously sent it to me.
After going through this manual, I know that it would be an asset to anyone who wants to build their list the right way AND be able to make money from that list. You can use all the information that Gary has written to be successful in any niche of your choice. I wished I had found something like this when I first started online.
This book clearly defines the step by step process you have to follow to achieve results.
When reading this you will feel that Gary is talking to your directly and will understand how genuine he is to help you, bit like looking over your shoulder and keeping you on track.
If you have been online for some time and you are not as successful as you should be, grab a copy and learn what you have to do to start making your first hundred dollars.


From Richard Moloney

In ‘How to Become an Internet Marketing Hundredaire’ Gary Simpson takes you by the hand and tells you all you need to know to make your first $100 from the Internet.
Gary starts off by telling you where he is coming from, what personal prerequisites you need to have. If you don’t have these you will never succeed with any business of your own.
He then lists the 6 essential tools needed for marketing online and gives detailed information for each of them. The first 2 he only briefly covers as without a domain name and hosting you will not get anywhere. Gary does supply references to other publications where you can get more detail about these 2.
The information given is essential for anyone wanting to succeed online and I have no hesitation in recommending this ebook to anyone. If after reading and applying the information contained in the pages you do not succeed then it’s your own fault.


From Glen Merrick

Hi Gary, I would like to thank you for writing this manual, as the information you have put in here certainly outweighs anything I have read before,
I appreciate the fact that there is no fluff, and it is straight to the point. I continue to refer to it often and always find the answer I am looking for to get me back on track.
I would certainly recommend this as a MUST for anyone to have in their tool chest. If you never have a go, then you will never know. Highest regards.


From Dennis Pippin
United States

Well Gary, you have done it again. This is a comprehensive A to Z ‘how-to’ manual. You not only teach what has to be done but you also teach how to do it, unlike most manuals.
I think you should have named it “How to Become a Thousandaire” only because if anyone follows your directions they most certainly will make their first thousand online. Of course if someone was to take action then rinse and repeat success will follow.


From Dr Bruce Rae CCHEM, FRSC
United States

I have just completed reading Gary Simpson’s “Hundredaire” manual and I can only say that it is one of the best introductions to starting out on the “long and winding road” to internet marketing success.
Gary’s credibility speaks for itself and it is clear that he understands the process very well!
Making that first $100 is so important and following Gary’s well thought out routes are sure to enable anyone to achieve and exceed his “Hundredaire” goal.
All of us have been down the valleys of distraction that divert attention from the core focus that needed to succeed at IM (or really any field of endeavour).
The key advice: Find something that you want to do and then DO it until it is completed and working, is so important.
The book is divided into two sections geared to get anyone started depending on various financial and time-circumstances.
So often people don’t’ get started because they have the perception that they need masses of money to get going – a myth that Gary dispels expertly.
I particularly liked how Gary highlights the pitfalls that will be encountered by everyone starting out, detailing not only what to look out for but spelling out reasons why these are “dangerous”.
This is a “bible” for the Newbie providing extensive resources in the text-body.
At the end is an outstanding reference showing the 4 stages of development from Newbie to Advanced that give a “road map” that is easily followed. Each stage contains details that are clear and concise and just what is needed to keep on track.
An excellent ready-reference in the Appendix provides key resources used by all IM marketers.
I thoroughly recommend “How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE” as essential reading for anyone starting out in Internet Marketing.


From Wayne Dobson
United Kingdom

Thanks for letting me review your new creation “How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE.” Intriguing title 
I have read every word and can say with confidence…You have done it again – it’s a great resource for newbies, and veterans.
This ebook walks the reader through the process of making the $100 for sure. BUT it doesn’t stop there…. You go on to explain some real nuggets of how to build a business that will generate $100 over and over again.
There are some areas where more detail would be great and you filled the gap with several valuable FREE resources right there in the text – Great work.
There are some real pots of gold in here that many people still just don’t get…
The positive side of “double opt-in” for example and how you can make money from it… Worth the read for most newbies just for that.
How and why to create a swipe file for your mailings and subject headings – for FREE. How to get a leap forward in a follow up sequence for your AR – Also for FREE
Your reference to the insight Mike Filsaime gave is extraordinary and should be noted by everyone new and old.
Gary, I think you bring an amazing amount to the table. Thanks for the opportunity to review.


From Rose Kline
United States

How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE is one book that everyone should read and put into action. It is very informative and has lots of easy to understand info. You do not have to be a rocket scientist if you follow the steps and do them. I have started in the 1st method described in the book and it is working so listen and take action. That’s the most important thing – “take action.”
I am going to use a lot of the info for method two. I am writing an ebook and making an ebook. My next thing is I am going to recommend it to my subscribers. And after reading it, I suggest they take action. I have a host and have aweber and domains so I am on my way.
I was always told to use single optin and you say the opposite. Thank you for the great product you shared! If interested, I will let you know how I make out!


From Kay Brasher
United States

I just finished reading ‘How To Become an Internet Marketing Hundredaire.’
Wow, it is SO packed with information and it is a step by step guide as to how to make money online. I felt like you did a wonderful job in explaining it. Of course, you are a fantastic coach. I would not have expected anything less from you.
I was excited to see that you are recommending double-opt ins. A lot of other marketers feel that it should be a single opt-in. I appreciated the tips that you gave on filling your Auto Responder out properly.
It is an AWESOME e-book. Way to go Gary!
Thanks for sharing the information with me. I certainly appreciated it. I took like 20 pages of notes.


From Dee Dawber
United Kingdom

How To Become An Internet Marketing Hundredaire is easy to read, easy to follow and easy to implement.
Too many people aim for the big bucks rather than starting small and building from there. Too many people make it complicated instead of keeping it simple.
If you are serious about earning money online, follow the step by step system laid down in this product and learn how easy it is to really make money online.
This is a simple (when you know how) system that is proven to make money if you ACT on it.
This product lays the foundation, it is up to you to build on it. Do it NOW.


From Hilary Dickinson
United Kingdom

Making your first $100 on the Internet can seem daunting, but if you want to know how to achieve it, and have a proven step by step guide to follow, then the best place to look is in Gary Simpson’s ‘How to Become an Internet Marketing HUNDREDAIRE’.
Gary’s very personal writing style makes you feel involved in the information he is giving you, whether you are totally new to Internet Marketing or, like me, have been learning for a while, but not completed all the necessary steps.
Gary gives a very clear guide to the individual steps you need to take, though BE WARNED, you will need to do some work as well!
The book is split into sections, giving you the Preliminary Information about making money on the Internet, Section One covers the basic method and Section Two covers a more sustainable business model. Each part is split down further so that you do not feel overwhelmed by the work to do for each section.
Screenshots of how to complete the tasks enable you to follow each task and he links to several other useful books and tools; many of these are his own work and if you like the way he writes here, you will enjoy and learn easily from his other books. He also gives a very comprehensive resource guide at the end of the book.
Information, complete honesty and humour are all mixed in together in this book. If you follow each step and take ACTION, then you will be able to reach that goal of making your first $100 online. Enjoy Gary’s open and candid writing style, learn from his experience and knowledge and soon that $100 bill which appears throughout this guide could be in your account.


Surely …

if these methods have worked for others, you can feel confident that they will work for YOU, Right?

Jump in. Learn how to do this and your HUNDREDAIRE can pay for your investment many, many times over.

ZSM: tools and guidance to help you achieve the future you deserve.

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Paraphrasing the words of Carl Bard:

Start NOW and create for yourself a bigger and brighter future.

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