Extraordinary Results require a Change in Focus

What could you believe?

Tony RobbinsSome people achieve so significantly and dramatically that we’re inspired to believe in the impossible.

Motivator, teacher and author Tony Robbins is one such individual.

For years, he has written about how each of us can change the course of our lives.

How? By becoming more self-aware, and focusing on what really matters.

Far too many people focus on the details of what has to be done, rather than concerning themselves primarily with the outcome that they want.

And, when they do this, EVERYTHING seems far too difficult.

So, what happens? They keep putting even minor tasks off.

You’ll find this article on Tony’s blog:


Tony writes:

If we want to achieve extraordinary results and fulfillment, we need more than just time management systems. We need a new system of thinking, a way to focus immediately on the results that are most important to us in our lives.

Instead of focusing on what it is we need to do, we should first focus on what it is we really want.

We must think in terms of results—the R in Anthony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method.
Having a clear result or outcome, and consistently focusing on it, immediately changes your behavior.”


I agree.

Making a start is half the battle won.

When you take little or no action you get little or no results

To make a start, just focus on your desired outcome. That will give you the motivation to keep going.

Tony suggests a re-focus on your desired outcome.

For example, can you remember the last time you were caught up in an argument? Maybe you forgot what you were even arguing about—yet you knew inside you had to win!

What if, in the middle of that argument, you asked yourself, “What result do I really want from this?”

You would have realized that your outcome was not to argue, but to create a resolution. This simple shift in focus would have immediately changed the direction of the communication, and would have likely moved you from a state of arguing toward a focus on resolution.”


Agitation gets you nowhere.

You mind becomes cluttered with negative emotion. It’s like soil without nutrients.

How can you possibly expect to plant a crop there?

Only a mind that is free from worry and anger can be creative

This is why meditation can be so effective as a tool for helping you regain focus.

Tony reminds us that negative consequences will follow if we focus on the things we don’t want.

Remember: Whatever you focus on, you will feel and experience at a stronger level. If you focus on why you have so many problems in your life, you will surely be able to come up with a long list of reasons. If you focus on all the activities that are keeping you busy, you’ll find yourself continuously adding more and more to your list.

Focus on the results you are committed to, and you’ll find yourself consistently moving toward the result you’re after—and very often accomplishing them with a much shorter to-do list than you expected.

A result is the target you are after, the specific measurable result or outcome that you want to achieve (not the activity to get it done, but the actual result you are after).

1) What do I really want?
2) What is my outcome?
3) What is the specific result I’m committed to achieve?”


Refocus Your Attention.

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