With a Little Training YOU Too Can Become a Highly Sought After Copywriter

Imagine that!

Yes, you could be paid handsomely to write compelling sales pieces.

But maybe you just want to do it for yourself. If you learn to write your own advertising material, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars!

Words sell

If you’re selling anything, you need a well-crafted, powerful sales message that explains your product’s benefits. This is THE KEY ELEMENT that influences how fast you get sales.

A well-written sales message includes proven psychological hooks that trigger a buying decision.

Time for Action

The great copywriters know that.

They’ve learned how to write messages that get RESULTS.

That is why business owners hire these wordsmiths. However, engaging a decent copywriter can cost over $2,000.

And if you want someone to write exceptional copy to pull in sales fast, you might have to pay $10,000 or even more.

Compelling copy wins sales as effectively as a magnetic holder grabs paperclips. Good copywriters are hot, and sought after.

But who can afford money like that when they are first starting out? Can you?

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend that much to get great results.

How? You learn to do it yourself.

Learn how to do ‘salesmanship in print’

You’ll learn the basics from Gary Simpson’s copywriting manual for beginners.
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By studying The Magic Art of Copywriting (a concise 50 page manual) you will learn all the basics. You’ll be able to craft your own adverts, sales pages and other material.

The Magic Art of CopywritingThis manual outlines what your marketing messages need in all the key areas. You’ll learn how to put MAGIC in your words.

Discover the TOP TEN words that get people’s attention, and the order they rank.

So much copywriting information is packed into this concise manual that you’ll soon be wishing you had it years ago.

Your Magic Art of Copywriting is waiting.
Simply click on the link below:

Best Wishes, as you travel the ‘write’ way towards excellence!

PS: Inside the manual you’ll find links to your next step in copywriting: a powerful, expert-level course by one of Australia’s leading copywriters.

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