A List; No Bucket

A New Year, a new list?

The Bucket ListEvery New Year most of us take time to reflect, and wonder—or decide firmly—what we’ll achieve in the coming 12 months.

It’s possible you are thinking about this right now, especially if you feel you haven’t got where you wanted in 2015.


New Year Resolutions get made. And your ‘bucket list’ gets written up, or revised. The term ‘bucket list’ has lived large in our consciousness since that 2007 movie. Keep reading →

The Core of Self Mastery: it’s ALWAYS Personal Accountability

What’s a Key Human Quality found in all High Achievers?

It’s Personal Accountability. You’ll see it in anyone who inspires us through their achievements.

HimalayasPersonal accountability is taking responsibility for your actions.

Sadly, this is where most people fall short, making excuses, blaming others, finding fault and generally doing or saying anything to escape responsibility.

Ask yourself: How could you achieve anything worthwhile without taking individual responsibility for your actions? Keep reading →