How to Become a Genius with Dr Wayne Dyer’s 9 Life-Changing Habits

Let’s pay tribute to the late, great Dr Wayne Dyer, writer and speaker, who passed away on 29 August 2015.
Dr Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer has been for some years one of America’s greatest self-help authors and motivational speakers. His first published book, Your Erroneous Zones, remains a best-selling book today, with more than 35 million copies sold to date.

On his blog he has this post:

9 Habits of Creative Genius.

Dr Dyer starts his article by quoting Buckminster Fuller:

Everyone is born a genius, but the process of life de-geniuses them.”

I’m not sure that ‘de-genius’ is a proper word. But its meaning is clear. Life gets in the way of our passions. And it is passion which makes hard work seem pleasurable.

John Lennon expressed the same idea in his iconic song Beautiful Boy:

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”

Take a moment to think of your own passion.

If you could devote all the time you currently spend at work to your passion, could you turn that passion into something you could make money from? Could it sustain your lifestyle?

Wouldn’t that be more pleasurable than grinding out the hours at your job?

It’s been said, by many, that if you love what you do it isn’t a job.


Let’s look in detail at Dr Dyer’s nine habits

Here’s what he wrote:

Habit 1: Declare Yourself to Be a Genius!
This shouldn’t be a public pronouncement, but a statement of intention between you and your Creator. Remind yourself that you’re one of the masterpieces that emanated from the universal field of intention. You don’t have to prove that you’re a genius, nor do you need to compare any of your accomplishments to those of others. You have a unique gift to offer this world, and you are unique in the entire history of creation.”

Habit 2: Pay Attention to Your Thoughts.
Make a decision to listen more carefully to your inner insights, no matter how small or insignificant you may have previously judged them to be. These thoughts, which you may have viewed as silly or unworthy of attention, are your private connection to the field of intention. Thoughts that seem to persist, particularly if they relate to new activities and adventures, aren’t in your mind accidentally. Those tenacious thoughts that don’t go away should be viewed by you as intention talking to you, saying, You signed up to express your unique brilliance, so why do you keep ignoring the genius in favor of settling for less?”

Habit 3: Step Boldly in the Direction of Your Inner Intuitive Inclinations.
Take constructive action toward implementing your inner intuitive inclinations. Any step in the direction of expressing your creative impulses is a step in the direction of actualizing the genius that resides within you—for example, writing a book, regardless of how you may have doubted yourself up until now; recording a CD of yourself reading poetry or singing the songs you’ve written; purchasing an easel and art supplies and spending an afternoon painting; or visiting an expert in the field that interests you.

Habit 4: Believe in the Validity of Your Thoughts.
Know that any and all thoughts that you have regarding your own skills, interests, and inclinations are valid. To reinforce the validity of your thoughts, keep them private. Tell yourself that they’re between you and God. If you keep them in the spiritual domain, you don’t have to introduce them to your ego or expose them to the egos of those around you. This means that you’ll never have to compromise them by explaining and defending them to others.

Habit 5: Cultivate Gratitude, Be an Appreciator of Life.
Remind yourself that aligning with spiritual energy is how you will find and convey the genius within you. Shift your energy to harmonize vibrationally with the energy of Source. Be an appreciator of life, and refuse to have thoughts of hatred, anxiety, anger and judgment. Trust yourself as a piece of God and your genius will flourish.

Habit 6: Achieve a State of Child-like Wonderment.
Practice radical humility. Take no credit for your talents, intellectual abilities, aptitudes, or proficiencies. Be in a state of awe and bewilderment. Even as I sit here with my pen in my hand, observing how words appear before me, I’m in a state of bewilderment. Where do these words come from? How does my hand know how to translate my invisible thoughts into decipherable words, sentences, and paragraphs? I’m humble in my inability to know where any of my accomplishments come from. Practice radical humility, and give credit everywhere except to your ego.

Habit 7: Remove Doubt and Resistance.
Remove resistance to actualizing your genius. Resistance always shows up in the form of your thoughts. Watch for thoughts that convey your inability to think of yourself in genius terms . . . thoughts of doubt about your abilities . . . or thoughts that reinforce what you’ve been taught about a lack of talent or lack of aptitude. Your Source knows that you’re a genius. Any thought you have that challenges this notion is resistance, which will inhibit you from realizing your intention.

Habit 8: Look for the Genius in Others.
Pay attention to the greatness you observe in as many people as possible, and if you don’t see it at first, then spend some mental energy looking for it. The more you’re inclined to think in genius terms, the more natural it becomes for you to apply the same standards to yourself. Tell others about their genius. Be as complimentary and authentic as you can. In doing so, you’ll radiate loving, kind, abundant, creative energy. In a universe that operates on energy and attraction, you’ll find these same qualities returning to you.

Habit 9: Simplify Your Life.
Take the complications, rules, shoulds, musts, have tos, and so on out of your life. By uncomplicating your life and removing the trivial pursuits that occupy so much of it, you open a channel for the genius within you to emerge. One of the most effective techniques for simplifying life is to take time each day to spend 20 or so minutes in silence and meditation. The more conscious contact you make with your Source, the more you come to appreciate your own highest self. And it’s from this highest self that your own genius will be manifested.”

I’m sure you will agree with me. Those nine habits, if implemented, will go a long way towards ensuring you lead a more successful and fulfilling life.

Wayne Dyer lived by those habits. Look at what he achieved in his life. Research his achievements. If this way of living worked for him, surely it’s worth giving it a go.


Begin to implement these habits into your life


Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.”

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