Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

JoyLife is NOT a dress rehearsal.

This IS the main event.

The longer you leave it to make your run at success, the harder it becomes.

Are YOU marking time?

I see so many unhappy people in this world. They hate their jobs, they don’t like their neighbors, they detest their boss, they don’t like their own appearance, they’re too fat, they’re too unfit and they are envious of movie stars.

Why are so many people like this? Keep reading →

Extraordinary Results require a Change in Focus

What could you believe?

Tony RobbinsSome people achieve so significantly and dramatically that we’re inspired to believe in the impossible.

Motivator, teacher and author Tony Robbins is one such individual.

For years, he has written about how each of us can change the course of our lives.

How? By becoming more self-aware, and focusing on what really matters.

Far too many people focus on the details of what has to be done, rather than concerning themselves primarily with the outcome that they want. Keep reading →

Here’s 10 life-changing habits you can begin today

Life getting you down?

Michael LeePerhaps you can’t move to another place at the moment because you lack the funds.

Or maybe for some reason, you can’t leave your negative family behind without feeling guilty or irresponsible.

These feelings are quite common.

This week I’ve been reading some thoughts from Michael Lee.

I think he brings some great insight.

But first, let me remind you that EVERYONE suffers negative thoughts and emotions in their lives. It is how we handle them that make the difference to our progress, or the lack of it. Keep reading →

The Event That Changed Bob Proctor’s Life

Have you ever wanted to change your life? To do more? To be more?

Bob ProctorDo you yearn to fulfill the greatness that you know is within you?

Many people do.

But are they prepared to do the necessary work?

Sadly, most are not.

Are you?

Many successful people credit their success with making a decision to become successful after reading a book or attending a course.

Bob Proctor is one.

I recently came across a nice biography on Bob Proctor at Mindperk.

Here is what it said:

Bob Proctor is widely considered one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. Keep reading →