Accountability Develops Excellence

Excellent Performance Diminishes the Competition

Be AccountableBut what is the ‘ONE’ thing anyone who wants to develop excellence will need?

There are plenty of ‘experts’ who will be happy to share or sell their ideas about this. But what do you think?

After all, do any of the ‘experts’ ever agree on anything?

There may be lots of things between you and the success you want. But there’s ‘one thing’ that matters more than most others: your willingness to be personally accountable for all your actions.

Are you willing to take responsibility for everything you do?

Sadly, most people decline. They are simply not prepared to be held accountable.

They make excuses, blame others, find fault and generally do or say whatever they can to focus attention onto the failings of others.

Most often, we see lack of personal accountability in our very young. As a child grows into a teenager, then into a young adult and finally into a mature adult, personal accountability naturally increases. This is simply a consequence of having to do more things for ourselves as we get older.

As we grow, we all want independence, and inevitably we get it.

However … do we always act responsibly with our new-found adulthood?

How often do we hear this:

It wasn’t my fault!”

This cry is all too common, often after a rebuke for lack of care or foresight that resulted in an undesirable outcome.

Do you look for better outcomes in everything you do? Do you have a standard you simply will not fall below? Are there lines you simply will not cross? Do you even care about such things?

Do you wonder what might be possible if you REALLY apply yourself to any given task?

NEVER accept your second best effort in anything. Remember the old adage:

If something is worth doing then it’s worth doing well.”

What is the point in giving half or three-quarters of your best effort?

When you give your best effort to a task EVERY time, you’ll begin to form a habit that expects excellence.

Once a positive habit becomes your natural and automatic way of doing things, you’ll improve not only your life but the lives of others.

And don’t worry about making mistakes.

Many people want to cover up their mistakes or, even worse, BLAME others for failure. But it takes more time and effort to invent excuses and keep the “story” up than it takes to work at becoming successful.

Whatever happened to taking personal responsibility for our outcomes?

These days, when do you hear: “I take responsibility!” Almost never. This is sad … because making mistakes, and taking ownership of and responsibility for those mistakes helps us to GROW!

Many famous people in history also failed dozens, even hundreds of times. Perhaps the most well-known of these is Thomas Edison. If you believe the legend, he failed almost 10,000 times to create a viable filament for the incandescent light globe.

In the end, Edison succeeded. And we take the availability of light for granted, every time we find ourselves in the dark, with a switch close by. It is more than 100 years since he made lighting possible, and his incandescent technology is now being superseded. But can you imagine what life would be like if Edison hadn’t got that filament to work?

Edison made economic artificial light possible. And his discovery changed the world completely. He didn’t accept, either, the idea that he had ‘failed’ 10,000 times. He maintained that he’d simply found 10,000 ways it wouldn’t work. And he used his failures as feedback.

It’s a valuable lesson.

Failing is valuable feedback. And, getting up, dusting yourself off and starting again is all character building.

NOTHING worthwhile is ever easy

Contrary to popular belief, most successful people have failed far more than they have succeeded. But we very rarely hear about their missteps, do we?

Failing makes us stronger; it teaches us valuable lessons. Failure FOCUSES us. It makes us more determined. It makes us better people for the experience, and makes our eventual success sweeter.

To advance your life you simply must become personally accountable for your actions. Be personally accountable for EVERYTHING you do.

It’s a great way of living!


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