About Us, and About You

What’s in your future?

  • Do you feel there should be more to life than what you’ve experienced so far?
  • Do you know deep inside your soul that you can do more, and be more?
  • How do you feel when those with less talent or training find success before you do?
  • Do you know what your ultimate calling in life is? Your destiny? Do you need help in getting there?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you’re in the right place!


Zenith Self Mastery will help you achieve

We offer programs on time management, goal setting, goal achievement, motivation, inspiration, how to use affirmations properly and a vast range of other success oriented subjects.

You can learn about Mindset and Motivation from a Grand Master in Karate.

Perhaps you want to get stuck straight in so you can achieve your goals sooner.

Go here. You’ll find information about one of ZSM’s key programs: Your 50 Day Transformation; an apprenticeship in Self Mastery. This apprenticeship encompasses the ground-breaking Journey, Life, Destiny course.

Learn more about it here: Your 50 Day Transformation.

Our aim is to source, create and share programs that provide you with information, direction and encouragement to help you achieve whatever you want from your life.

Much of our information is free. Join one of our programs and you’ll receive regular newsletters with encouragement from the world’s high achievers.


Introducing Us:

Gary Simpson, Paula Holland and Anthony Smits founded Zenith Self Mastery.

All of us have a deep understanding of personal development and self-improvement. More than that, we have a passion for sharing what we know.

We want to share our knowledge with you, to help build a better world; one where positive attitudes, success and gratitude replace negativity, failure, jealousy, bitterness and even the most negative emotion, hate.

We invite YOU to be a part of a growing membership of people who are seeking more for themselves and their families.

You can start developing your skills today.


Gary Simpson

Gary is a grand master in the martial art of karate, holding the rank of Kyoshi, 8th dan, a senior teaching rank that few have attained.

Gary Simpson PortraitHe has trained in karate continuously since 1971 and has successfully taught and mentored hundreds of students, not only in karate, but also in life skills and personal development.

In the last 25 years, Gary has made an intense study of self-improvement and personal development.

He has read widely and has a huge library on these subjects.

As a consequence of his mastery of karate and extensive study of human development, Gary is able to teach these subjects with authority. He has written extensively about personal development, and has developed a number of training courses, including his 20-year research project into human development: Journey, Life, Destiny.

His mission is to help you realize more of your potential, so you can grow out of the shadow of others and make a unique mark on the world.


Paula Holland Portrait

Paula Holland

Paula is a practising fine artist who trained in New York, and has traveled extensively throughout her life.

She has a simple philosophy of continually challenging herself, and never expects to stop learning.


Anthony Smits

Ant grew up in New Zealand, spending his early years surrounded by books and building materials in a home with extraordinary parents.

Anthony Smits PortraitSince then, he’s traveled to several different places, and done a swathe of stuff, from architecture to writing.

He aims to inspire you to find that place where your skills, passion and the needs of others coincide, and to be happy and at peace working there.