Choose Your Future

Why do some find success while others do not?

More importantly, how can YOU get more of the life you want, and less of the life you don’t?

If you’re working day after day with no clear vision, the only dreams you’ll help fulfill are those of others.

This site, and those who run it, are here for one key purpose.

What is that purpose?

Simply, it is to help YOU find your way to the life you REALLY want to live.

To do that, we’ll encourage you on a journey to that will see you become more effective and influential, so you have more control over your environment and your future.

Naturally, you need to desire that end result, because it’s not an easy journey. A lot of people say they want to do it, but very few do the work required.

Whose dreams are you working to achieve?

Every day, you’ll put effort into projects or systems. And where is this effort leading you? Working for others is fine if you have a bigger picture in mind, such as saving money for a specific goal. If you are, well done!

But if you’re working day after day with no clear vision, the only dreams you’ll help fulfill are those of others.

A change in direction may seem impossible right now. But if you can make a decision to start something new, you can also carry out that decision.

You’ll take the first steps to success in your mind

Your mind has infinite capacity. It can imagine ways through almost any obstacle, then grow and adapt to solve the problems it identifies. But you can’t grow your mind while you stay in the herd, following trends.

You need to take your own path.


Why do people follow, or stay with, others who are equally lost?

Certainly, there is comfort in numbers. But the majority is often wrong in its opinion, and frequently behind.

You may be safe in the group, but you won’t be fulfilled.

You already know where your best skills lie

But you may not be using them, for ‘lack of opportunity’, or some other excuse. You can, you know. You just need someone to encourage you to step out, a goal to aim for and a path to follow.

Occasionally, someone will make a name all by themselves. But the rest of us will generally look to others for help and inspiration. Sometimes, those we listen are able to significantly advance our progress. Other times, they hold it back.

Success isn’t an accident. You can make it happen. Join us.

Gary, ZSM’s Principal Coach, has been on a personal development journey most of his life.

He’s seen people struggle, get nowhere, and give up.

He’s also seen people persist through hard times and eventually succeed, despite many setbacks.

Gary knows ways that work. And he knows where most people spend most of their lives: on ‘roads to success’ which are only a mirage and a waste of time.

There is no easy road; there is no quick road.

And that’s as true today as it’s ever been, despite all the claims that say otherwise.

Don’t listen to the herd. Look at the statistics. Very few people succeed. And this is the ‘information age’.

There is more knowledge freely available now than has ever been. And the world has known ‘the secrets’ of success for generations.

The problem, for most, is that success takes time. And humans are impatient. They will try everything else first, in the hope it is faster, or cheaper.

And most of them will fail to get anywhere.


Time is your most precious resource

Any significant success requires an investment of your time. And if that’s what you seek, you must not fritter away any more moments, or you won’t achieve the full extent of your dreams.

ZSM is built on Gary’s belief that anyone can achieve their potential.

The caveat? You have to apply yourself.

You must develop an awareness of your potential, and a willingness to reach for it, despite opposition.

Do you dare to be successful?

It’s your life.

t’s your choice.

Everything you see in the material world is a result of something that was once first imagined in somebody’s mind and then acted upon to make it come to fruition.

French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once said:

“Imagination rules the world.”

Imagination is an infinite resource that will NEVER be exhausted.

We owe every advance made by humankind to imagination.

Imagination is fueled by positive thoughts like: “What if…?”


How will Zenith Self Mastery help you?

It’s a well-known fact that a positive, vibrant mind has a far greater opportunity to create success in life.

We will help you build that positive mindset, and with it a better future for yourself, one filled with all the positive energy you want.

American author Marilyn vos Savant said:

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

Wise words indeed!

If you have failed in the past, should that mean you must fail in the future?

We say: “Definitely not!”

You can completely transform yourself, as others have.


Join Us and Experience Greater Success

Come with us on a journey of heightened awareness.
The very least that you will experience is improved inner-peace, inspiration, positivity and satisfaction for who you are and what you can offer the world as a truly UNIQUE human being.

Motivational expert, speaker and author Bob Proctor said:

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

Most things are possible. But they all start with YOU making a decision to become a better and more capable person. There is no other way.


Decide You Will, and Keep Your Word

Why not make a declaration of intent your very next decision?

Decide you will no longer accept mediocrity as a ‘fact’ of life. Break through your self-imposed ceiling. Set yourself free. Become the greatest version of you that you can.

Success isn’t an accident. You can make it happen. Join us.

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To paraphrase the words of Carl Bard:

Start NOW and create for yourself a bigger and brighter future.

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